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autotex-pink-wiper-blades autotex-wiper-blades autotex-heavy-duty-wiper-blades
autotex-pink-wiper-blades autotex-wiper-blades autotex-heavy-duty-wiper-blades

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AutoTex Windshield Wiper Blades supplies a complete line of Pink, Automotive, and Heavy Duty Wiper Blades

Welcome to AutoTex

We are one of the leading designers, innovators, and suppliers in the windshield wiper industry.  We’re dedicated to creating the most stylish, effective, safe, and highly rated windshield wipers for the widest possible variety of cars, trucks, SUVs, RVs, tractors, and other vehicles.  We partner with our clients and help them find the windshield wiper solutions they need to continue to service their customers with the comfort needed in all types of adverse weather.

If you’ve got worn windshield wiper blades, you have questions about the perfect wiper blades for your vehicle, or you are in need of the total solution for wholesale windshield wiper blades, Autotex is your one-in-all solution.

Start browsing our quality collections, including our AutoTex PINK Breast Cancer Support collection, featuring the pink color windshield wiper blades, our automotive collection, and our heavy duty collection for your rugged windshield wiper needs.  Autotex takes windshield wiper design and function to the next level.  You’re going to benefit from our incredible lineup of superior products.

Buy wholesale windshield wiper blades, use our wiper blade store locator, or get windshield wiper installation and application tips and information.

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